Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Update

It has been brought to my attention that I have been pretty slack in blogging of late. Which is rather funny, seeing as how my wife will verify that I spend entirely too much time on the computer. I've had a few thoughts, on everything from health care to the economy to the Gates arrest in Cambridge, but I have refrained from spouting off for a couple of reasons. First, laziness. And secondly, I've been trying to back off a bit from politics. I still read dozens of articles, blogs, and editorials daily, but I am trying hard not to get too worked up about political stuff. It occurs to me that politics is NOT my religion. Seeing some of the folks on both sides get so worked up over these various issues as if this or that bill or political battle is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF OUR LIFETIME is just silly. Guys, I lived through the 1970s. Politics is cyclical. I am pretty sure how this movie comes out, and we'll be OK. Sure, I'd like it better if "my" guys won every time, but that's not how life works.

On a completely different topic, I wrote back at new year's that I was conflicted over trying to keep up my personal disciplines, both physical and spiritual. In both cases, I was loath to commit to a hard-and-fast goal after failing to achieve my stated goals for the previous year. Well, things are looking up. With the exception of one week when I was sidelined by illness, I've been really consistent with my running for 13 solid weeks. Tomorrow I plan to run for an hour for the first time in over a year (this from a guy who struggled to complete 3 miles just a few months ago). The trick (for me) is having a plan. I'm committed to running on a fixed schedule with my team, and I have a terrific training partner who will berate me mercilessly if I try to wuss out. Similarly, I am finally back on track with my daily scripture reading. My attempt to "wing it" didn't work out--some days I would read a bunch, but then I might go several days without opening my Bible. Once again, me personality demands a system. A few weeks ago I went back to my "One Year Bible" with a daily reading assignment. I am skipping the Old Testament this year. I bounced around the Gospels for the first half of the year. But since getting back on a schedule, I have gotten caught up so that I will finish all the Epistles and Psalms by year's end. I feel much, much better about that than the previous disorganized and scattershot approach.

Last of all, summer is almost over. I love summer. But after next week (when I'll be on a 19th anniversary cruise with Mrs. Sal), I'll be ready to go back. I'm ready to teach, to coach, and to get back in the rhythym of the school year. I often think I'll work until I cannot physically do so anymore--so long as I have summer to re-charge (and travel), I cannot imagine not getting just a little bit bored with retirement after a few months. That said, I'm going to really enjoy these last couple of weeks of summer. Basic economics--law of supply and demand. As the supply of paid days to read and relax dwindles, their value soars.

Sorry to be "gone" so long. I'll try to post again soon.