Saturday, April 21, 2007

This is Too Easy!

I have alluded before to my distaste for John Edwards, and my feeling that he is a hypocrite in his professed concern for the poor and downtrodden of the "other America" of his speeches. Here's people's exhibit #364--a NY Times article detailing how he paid $400 for a haircut, and then "mistakenly" charged it to his campign funds. Even more fun--some bloggers are pointing out that he also had an expensive "do" recently at the "Pink Sapphire Salon." Yep, there are two Americas alright--mine, where a guy named Roger can't quite pull off an $11 flattop with the same flair as Bubba, and John Edwards' America, where the stylists at the Pink Sapphire charge over a tithe of the income of an average American family for a haircut. Although, in his defense, I'll bet for that kind of moola, he got a blow-dry and maybe a warm towel treatment, too. I wonder if he got a hot-lather neck shave with a straight razor? I do for my $11.


MichaelPolutta said...

Dude - I just love the stuff you write.

Edwards apparently is a very intelligent moron.

bekster said...

With $400 you would think his hair would be as smashing as Mitt Romney's. The twisted logic in his head probably told him that better hair would help people take the focus off of his hypocrisy and put it on his good (not really) looks. Not so, apparently...

Speaking of presidential candidates, what do you think of some of these not as talked about people (at least I don't hear about them as much because I only seldem poke my head out of the ground to see what is going on) like Sam Brownback and Ron Paul (and others)?