Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, the week is here, so it's time for just a little trash talk. However, it's hard to talk much trash when your team has lost 4 in a row. I'm not even going to go out on the usual limb and promise a Gamecock victory--for all I know, Clemson may even be the better team. But here's a little reality check for all my Tiger-fan buddies. Clemson may be the most underrated team in the nation, or not. But the fact remains that the best team they have defeated all year is Wake Forest. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the bad Wake of the '80s. But it's not exactly Georgia, either. If you're a Clemson fan, ask yourself this--if your last three games had been vs. Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida, do you really think you'd be on this same bandwagon? And for all the USC fans who are feeling glum, ask the reverse--if we had played Duke, Maryland, and Central Michigan, don't you think we'd have 8 or 9 wins by now? No matter who wins on Saturday (and of course I hope it's my guys), the cold hard fact remains that the best team in the ACC this year wouldn't be a factor in the SEC, and might not even be a factor in the SEC East. Good luck to both--may the best team win!


Adam said...

Just be thankful that the highlight of your year wasn't beating DUKE! I was raised a fighting Irish fan as every good Catholic should be. Never thought I would see the day when their only win of the Season was against Duke.

Lori said...

Ignore him. He's just testy because the Lions lost to the Giants last weekend.

MichaelPolutta said...

I would say the best team Clemson beat this year was FSU. They're better than folks give them credit for.

That said, Clemson did not "finish the job." BC should not have won, but they did. 2 major defensive flubs gave them the opportunity, and they capitalized.

Also, Clemson did not put away USC like they should have. All those turnovers, and USC STILL took the lead! Not good. Harper is an excellent QB, though.

Coach Sal said...

FSU did wind up pretty good by the end. Here's the thing about Clemson. If you were to ask me (or any Gamecock fan) if we'd trade Harper, Davis, Spiller, and whoever your best receiver is, straight-up for Mitchell, Boyd, our Davis, and McKinley, we'd take it. You guys have so much talent! What a real coach could do with your lineup would be amazing. The fact that Spurrier's inferior team was able to hang with you guys should be a sign. Tommy Bowden's a nice guy, but he'll never get you to the next level.