Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Haul

So the annual shredding of wrapping paper is over, and it's time to assess the haul. Of course, with as many relatives as we have here in town, this list only represents the tip of the iceberg. Here's what we wound up with, in the major gift category:

Buddy- A bone (surprise)
Mary Elizabeth- An American Girl Doll
Jacob- A new guitar, numerous legos
David- Guitar Hero video game, a Ripstick skateboard
Ann- A new kitchen
Larry- A happy wife who really likes the kitchen.

In the minor gift category, I also got several shirts and ties, a sweater, and some socks.

All that remains is shoveling down mountains of good holiday food.

Merry Christmas to all!

1 comment:

Philip Murphy said...

OK, i had to wikipedia and youtube the ripstick.

At first, it sounded like David just wanted a feminine skateboard with purty lips.

After watching the youtube videos, did the ripstick come with bandaids and snap-on cast. ouch. too much coordination necessary for me.