Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How Now, Brown Cow

Well, the giving and receiving of gifts has begun. Tomorrow the big guy in the red suit does his trick. But I guarantee that he's not bringing any bigger surprise than my favorite Aunt and Uncle did this Christmas. Drum roll.... they gave us.... a COW.

Actually, it's not a whole cow; it's a one-eighth share of a beef cow to be butchered next year, meaning that we'll be stocking the freezer with 50-odd pounds of prime beef in February. My sister and her family, and my father also received the gift of moo-cow.

After the initial "that's weird" wore off, I've decided it's a really cool gift. I generally dislike the whole gift exchange thing for adults at Christmas. If there's something I want that costs less than about a hundred bucks, I'll buy it. If I can't afford it, chances are, none of my relatives can, either. I'd rather just buy for the kids. But at least the gift of beef shows some originality, and it's certainly something I never would have thought of. We'll feast on Christmas cow throughout the spring!


Pete said...

I enjoy inventively finding gifts that suit the person... If i cannot find a gift that I feel inventively suits that person, I give them gift certificates to go out to eat from and generally get them at a significant discount (example, i bought a whole BUNCH of $25 certificates for $2 each). If I give someone 3 X $25 certificates and only paid $2 each... that multiplies a $6 gift into a $75 gift.

To get the discount codes, you have to subscribe to their emailing list... but they don't harass you... besides, have them send it to your junk email account.

I Highly Recommend them!

bekster said...

The only thing I can think of when I hear about the cow is Bart Simpson saying, "Don't have a cow man!"

BTW, we still need to come get that venison from you. Maybe I can come by in the next few days and get it.