Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions 2010

So, it's that time again. Write 'em down, so next year I can look 'em up and evaluate. Most of my goals are changes of degree, rather than direction.

  1. Continue the consistency I've had the last 8 months of running. Log 500+ miles for the year, and race at least once. (Stretch goals--break 21 minutes for 5k, maybe run the Bridge Run 10k, maybe even a half-marathon?)
  2. Read through the Bible again. (BONUS-I'm getting a new Bible! More on that later.)
  3. Go back to my daily Bible study and prayer time first thing in the morning instead of just before bed.
  4. Less time on the internet, more time reading real books.
  5. Drink more water.
  6. Pay a little more attention to what I eat.
  7. Be more intentional about spending time with family. (Not just Ann and the kids, but also extended family. It takes effort to break the inertia and spend time with family, but I almost always feel better for doing it. Sorta like exercise, only less sweat.)
  8. Be a good steward of my gifts--time, talent, and treasure.

That's a good start. We'll see how that feels down the road. They say that goals should be specific and measurable, and except for the 500 miles, these are pretty nebulous. But I think I'll be better off if I make just a little progress on each of these.


Pete said...

Larry, I'm glad you push yourself each year and admit your struggles. As you push forward, it's great to see a human follower of Christ who is willing to admit it's difficulties and enjoys the process of pushing through anyway.

I continually wish you would write an entire SWS theme around the sprint, the relay, the distance, the marathon & the trek!

I hope to keep up with some great stories and candid discussion with you again in 2010. Besides, we only have about 3 more years left before the end anyway, right? LOL .

See ya bro!

bekster said...

I like #7.

P-Daddy said...

So far, so good?