Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For Children of the 80s Only

Just had this discussion with our school secretary when I should have been writing lesson plans: everybody who went to high school in the 80s should know the movie "The Breakfast Club." It's one of the John Hughes classics (along with Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, and St. Elmo's Fire). Here's the quiz question for you, if you're old enough: which character were you? To recap, for the sake of the 80s-challenged, there was Emilio Estevez (the jock), Molly Ringwald (the princess), Anthony Michael Hall (the nerd), Ally Sheedy (the misfit), and Judd Nelson (the stoner/rebel). I'll go first--my students think since I'm a coach and have a track state championship banner hanging on my classroom wall that I must have been Emilio Estevez. But deep down, I'm Anthony Michael Hall.

As an aside, our secretary says I'm none of the above--that I'm Harry Anderson of "Night Court." And we decided that my principal is Henry Blake from MASH (which makes Sheila into Radar O'Reilly--also a good fit).

So answer with a character from "Breakfast Club," and, if appropriate, any other 80's pop-culture character who fits you.


Lori Fitzgerald said...

I was Ally Sheedy - mainly because I looked just like her - but also because I was more a misfit than a princess.

Another great 80s classic - St. Elmo's Fire.

bekster said...

Oooh, good question. I'd say I was mostly Anthony Michael Hall with a little bit of Ally Sheedy. I had the grades and the good behavior, but I was also a little weird and "out there." (I guess I still am sometimes.) I hated the Molly Ringwald types while secretly wishing to be them.

The thing that I always found interesting was that Anthony Michael Hall got stuck with writing the essay/letter for everyone else. In that sense, I was definitely that person, which I think I'm still a little resentful about. Also, he was the only one who didn't get to "hook up" with anyone, also me for much of high school. Why is it that the ones who are actually intelligent, competent people tend to get the shaft?

BTW, you can tell your students I don't think track/cross-country qualifies as Emilio Estevez material, not that there's anything wrong with that. I think your nerdiness way overshadows any athletic coolness you might otherwise have, although nerds have been found to be cool in certain rare circles. :)

Goode Design said...

Misfit... with an attitude... typically the attitude that looked at people like they're idiots. but, had you been around Rutherford county, that wouldn't surprise you... lots o' idiots there.

on a serious note, Coach: how bout a blog post on fave books... i'd love to hear a book list! or what about politics and public schools? i like the rumblings that were happening when we all talk politics.

you be goode!
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MichaelPolutta said...

Hey Bro,

Sorry, but I will not be at the retreat this year. My class is the same weekend in Nov.


Anonymous said...

dude larry you are definately anthony michael hall

Goode Design said...

hey larry,
i left a comment on the shalom post... you may like it...
A friend of mine is actually doing some exploratory teaching on the sabbath (Shabat)... You may want to check it out: LiquidChurch.. The series is called Margins... it has been a GREAT series.