Thursday, October 4, 2007

While I'm on the topic, the S-Chip veto

Just in time for my rant about insurance, President Bush has vetoed a measure that would have helped insure "millions of poor children." Called Schip (state children's health insurance program), it provides coverage, not for those below the poverty line (who get medicaid) but for those slightly above, who slip through the cracks. Now why would big, bad Bush want to hurt those poor, poor children? Well, for starters, the program was being increased to cover a family of four making over $60k a year (I've read some estimates that said up to $83k, the $60k is the very low-ball figure). Sorry, if you're making that, you don't need somebody else buying your insurance. Secondly, the program was designed to be "revenue neutral" (paid for) for about 5 years... and then the costs would skyrocket. But of course, government never ever retreats on a welfare program, so when the bill comes, we'd just have to hike taxes (or, more likely, run up the deficit). President Bush offered to sign a "plain vanilla" version of the bill that would continue the present program, or to even pledge more money for those kids who were closest to the poverty line. But the political theater was too good for that to ever happen. It's a bigger political winner to say "Bush kills program for poor kids." On my last post, Phillip asked why the GOP won't engage on this issue. Plain and simple, they are licked. A huge majority of Americans want the government to "give" them health insurance, and they want someone else to eventually pay for it. So long as the voters continue to believe in Santa Claus economics, no party suggesting anything resembling fiscal responsibility has a chance.


Goode Design said...

so. if we can't count on the elephants (GOP) and the donkies are just a pain in the...

Who can we turn to?
If we'd simply, slowly roll back taxes and educate our public over the next 20 years... we could BEGIN to make our financial lives different.

Santa Claus economics
That about says it. Unfortunately, we've got more gov officials with longer arms reaching deeper in our pockets to make decisions that every American (dare i say, every person?) should be able to make themselves! Do I want health insurance? NO. But if I don't get it, then i am stuck with the lower level health programs. The bible says that the wise man sees trouble far off and prepares for it, but the fool rushes ahead and is destroyed. (can't recall the verse, but the version makes the difference on this verse.)

If we (as responsible people) do not provide risk-transfer (insurance) for ourselves & families, then it is our fault that we receive the brunt of the consequences and the cost.

In a way, I agree w/ bekster as she said that insurance (in it's current form) is a scam. It is. Because we are actually paying the medical bills of those who foolishly don't obtain insurance. As you said, those makikg $60k+ don't need free insurance. But for some reason, they spend the insurance money on a current-year car.

well. another 2 cents. give it time and you're gonna have my entire bank account.

love the topics.
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bekster said...

Well, I guess historically those who are in the right tend to be the minority, and they tend to be persecuted at first. Maybe if we give it enough time, those in power will realize that the world really is round. By then, we probably will have screwed ourselves even worse, but maybe that will be what it takes to make these people open their eyes to sense.

Goode Design said...

Bekster thinks the world is round. HAH!


The world is round? Really?
Now, when you say round... You mean round like a quarter... it has a heads and a tails side... but it's just a big flat disk... right? (Just kidding)

The point to insuring the un insured: why don't we just put that into the hands of churches, charities & generous individuals?

We've crippled the church from being benevolent in 2 ways:
1. Churches have become equally reliant on the Government to help the needy. But our entire religion is to help the helpless (the widow & the orphan)
2. Those who attend church are often equally foolish with their money and do not give the first portion nor any extra.

In the first century, those who followed this Messiah sold items to take care of their extended family of faith and those in need. We've forgotten that when we see someone who's sick in a hospital, it's not just some guy that has never been to church... it's Jesus.

If we'd take the time to look, it's actually him. We have the opportunity to lift Christ in a time of need.

Yes, Insurance is a scam when you think what we could do if the people of the Most High simply acted out what we talk. Of course, I'm as guilty as the next person. But giving, not just tithing, must become a priority.

Goode Design said...

sorry, adding to my previous comment above...

(the saga continues...)

ooh. did i mention that most churches carry debt in ratios equal to or greater than the people who attend? Rebekah & I went to a church that had built a $6 MILLION facility. it was gorgeous. They were proud of it.

but may the mercy of the most high be upon you if you dare bring a kid in there that accidentally breaks something!!!

I'd like to see a church actually SAVE money to pay for something. just once.

insurance isn't the problem... debt is.