Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Red

I'm tooling around town in a (temporary) new ride. One of our well-off parents at my school offered to let me borrow his "extra" vehicle until I can get time to replace the Sal-Mobile. The vehicle in question is a relatively new Ford Excursion. The Excursion is bigger than the Expedition, which is bigger than the Explorer, which itself is not small. This thing is the 2nd-biggest thing I've ever driven (the largest being a 29' RV). It drives almost exactly like a 15-passenger school bus. And it gets...drum roll... ELEVEN miles per gallon. Ouch!

On the plus side, Big Red has every option ever invented, and some I don't even know what the buttons are for. It's got a 6-CD changer, a DVD, satellite radio, power everything, and even a heater that warms your tushie on cold mornings. If I could afford to gas it, I might be tempted to keep it! Even if he were to offer to give it to me (which ain't gonna happen), I doubt very seriously that I could afford the taxes and insurance for the same price as I'll pay for a new clunker. And it wouldn't fit in my garage. Still, I'm thankful for the blessing of not having to do the one-car-family trick for two weeks longer.


bekster said...

So, how long do you get to keep Clifford?

Collin said...
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C. S. Fox said...

How do you like the LAND YACHT?
We have the extra long mini van and I don't like to back the thing up for fear of hitting something. Sherry would hold it over me if I did hit something.
The seat warmer is so cold! HUH!
We have it in the van along with a bunch of other things....

Paul Murphy said...

Larry, you should invest in a Straight Vegetable Oil diesel car. Simply filter some old grease from the local McD's then put it in the tank. Its brilliantly cheap, and you can get an old VW thing with SVO conversion for under $2000 on ebay. Unfortunately you'd be driving a VW thing from 82 that always made you hungary.

Goode Design said...

Paul has a goode idea. I've been toying around w/ finding an old (80's - early 90's) diesel Mercedes or VW and having it converted for a general use vehicle.

If we could find enough folks to network with, we could create a Bio-Diesel association nation wide.

maybe, then we could take over the world. but seriously, Bio is a great possible alternative.