Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Fanfare

Is it just me, or is the Olympic Fanfare one of the coolest songs ever? You know, the one they play before every commercial break during the coverage on ABC. I have to admit it, I'm an Olympic junkie. Obviously, the biggest reason is that it's the most-watched track meet in the world. But this year's version leaves me a little cold. Having the ChiComs barbaric regime host (with all that entails, like the crackdown on dissidents and limiting of foreign reporters' access to the internet) kinda stinks. There is a little room for nostalgia, though... along with the Russians recently invading Georgia, it brings back a little cold war vibe of pulling hard against the Russkies and the Chinese. There's some hope that maybe the USA basketball team will not embarass us again this year (come on--if you have Kobe and Lebron, you had better stinkin' win). A couple of nights ago I had my boys sit down and watch a video of Dream Team I ('92) in their opener against Angola. Ah.... the classics.

Anyway, I grew up on Bruce Jenner, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Mary Lou Retton... who's it going to be this year?


Lori said...

We must be related. I'm a sucker for the song, and an even bigger sucker for the commercials leading up to the games. This year, the best one was about the runner who fell and came in dead last...with his dad helping him. I cried every time it came on. I'm tearing up now. Second best: the Keri Strug clip.

Pete said...

did you guys hear about the girl who scored her only home run of her softball career against their rivals... and her rivals had to help carry her in to home plate so she wouldn't be called out?

that's inspirational.

Watch an Amazing Softball Story.

super Hubby said...

I love how they put a huge cast on the girls leg, all for a sprained ankle.

super Hubby said...

I was reffering to Keri Strug.