Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time and Money, Part 2

Not a blog post; more of an illustration. Over 2 weeks ago I blogged that I was going to write a little about time management, before things got hectic again with the start of the new school year. Of course, I haven't written a word since. In the meantime, life has rushed in to fill the void. I have spent MANY days in my new classroom (I had to move to a new building after 8 years in the same spot... the new place is freshly renovated and bigger, but a move is NEVER fun), and the new cross-country season has begun, meaning daily practice. That practice involves not only a time commitment, but accompanying fatigue and dehydration that comes with the increase in intensity. So blogging (and even thinking deep thoughts about time) have taken a back seat. Maybe I'll come back to the topic later, but that ship seems to have sailed. I'm kinda looking forward to the new school year, if only for the structure and routine that allows "real" time management to work.

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