Monday, May 21, 2007

Immigration Redux

Just a quick point of clarification, and one which I am sure is not original with me: nobody I know is saying we should round up, deport, prosecute, execute, imprison, flay, or even taunt the 12-20 million illegals in this country. Indeed, why should we do anything at all? They chose to come here illegally (translation: they broke the law, on purpose). So if that means they live "in the shadows" and don't get every last benefit that goes along with genuine immigrants (translation: those who played by the rules and followed the law), so what? If they want to change their status, they can get in line behind all the folks who did it right to begin with. My solution (although again, it's not just mine) is to change the way we hire and police the employment side so that some of the very good economic incentives to come here illegally (or stay here illegally) dry up. But enforcing the current laws on the books would be nice, and whether you call it amnesty or something else, giving a de facto green card to those who have broken the law only undermines the role of law in this country. Oh, and so long as I'm rolling, what's the big darned rush to pass this monstrosity? Back in the original days of the Brady Bill (before instant internet checks), a law-abiding citizen had to wait at least 7 days to buy a handgun. Why is it somehow wise now to rush through an immigration law that affects tens of millions of people in a weekend? Seems to me that when the salesman is this hot to close the deal in a hurry, that's all the more reason to read the fine print.

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