Friday, May 18, 2007

One Quick Note

My workplace is toying with a new filtering software that blocks all blog access (except today... why, I don't know). At home, the antique computer I use has not allowed me to sign in to Google blogger for weeks (again, I don't know why). So there's no guarantee whether I'll be able to post or even comment for a while. So if it seems I'm ignoring you, it's not intentional.


Lori Fitzgerald said...

Or maybe it depends on who you are :-)

bekster said...

Not cool.

Paul Murphy said...

It'll work out.
A post-capitalist economic view would say we shouldn't give labor jobs to Americans. Kinda like how Japan is outsourcing labor jobs, they plan for the future; knowledge work. Maybe we should let the immigrants stay as incentive for our own citizens to get a higher level of education and specialization than someone from Mexico.