Monday, February 4, 2008

A Barbershop Limerick

I was playing around with Becky and talking about how I get my hair cut at Ed's Barber Shop, but the owner is Glen "Bubba" Chaplin. I think he bought it from Ed a long time ago and never changed the name. Suddenly, the following rhyme came to me:

There once was a man named Ed,
Who could cut the hair of your head.
He could do a flattop, but now he has stopped.
I sure hope that Ed's not dead.

OK, so it's not exactly lyrics worthy of John Seymour and the Fire Apes (my favorite local band). But we got a little chuckle out of it.


Goode Design said...

There once was a man named Salley
How he offer'd such a grand political banter
Abraiding the left and scorching the faux-right and how in office they would dilly-dally

It became such a fuss at the Dem caucus
that each would promise what s/he couldn't deliver
that they would solve all our problems and make it all right... it almost makes me cuss

The Gee Oh Pee wasn't much greater
as they offer plenty for the republican hater
It seems such a sad, conspicuous end
I'm just glad Sal chimed in.

Goode Design said...

yes, i be a poet... and you weren't aware of it... (there's a way to make that rhyme better, i know it!)

(security word verification: colil)
Colil - [COH-lihl] n. One who was young with you. Derivative of Little Colleague or Co-Little. To be little with someone.

bekster said...

That one was great! It was better in person, though, because you just spouted it out perfect the first time. :)

On a bad note, I am saddened to read that "Bubba" is not the guy's real name. I have now been disillusioned.

Oh, and you might want to be careful how you use the phrase "playing around with". It just sounds kinda wrong, but I can testify that the situation was a lot tamer than it sounded... :)

But, the limerick was perfect. You are a hoot!

Danny Baddeley said...

Larry, I demand you recite it at camp in front of everyone.

Lori Fitzgerald said...

I still like our poem

Our father, who art in Roper
Larry be thy name...