Friday, February 1, 2008


This past Monday, I went to see my doc, for all of about 5 minutes. It was so short, he didn't even charge me the forty bucks. One quick look at the ankle, and he pronounced, "Looks great. Go have a run." So I did, that afternoon. Two miles, on my school track, before my team practiced, at a total of 15:46. It took all the kick I had in me for the last lap to squeak in the 2nd mile in under 8 minutes, and I paid for it for the rest of the week. But at least I didn't have to write a big "zero" in my log book for the month of January. The rest of the week was insane, and didn't lend itself to another run (it's too bad I'm salaried, as I could have clocked 24 hours of OT this week). But I'm a free, two-legged man again!

PS-The removal of "Arthur" (the cyst) came to a total bill of $4365, counting the doc, the facility, the gas-passer, the biopsy, and everything. Of course, the insurance will write off a good part of that, and my out-of-pocket will be about $850 (I had to pay my whole $500 annual deductible). That's just nuts. I intend if I ever get some time to blog some about health care costs.


super Hubby said...

You have run more in the last two weeks than I have. to average under 8 minute pace after the layoff you had is pretty impressive. I need to get off of my lazy butt and get going. CONGRATS!

Lauren-Michaele said...

I AM ADDICTED TO MARATHONS!! Family Vacation labor day weekend to VA Beach for the Rock & Roll 1/2!! Meet you there?!! YEAH!! It was absolutely amazing! Best runner's high I've ever had in my life!!

Lori Fitzgerald said...

Please don't blog on insurance. I'm not sure there's enough room for me to comment!
BTW - our deductible is $8250 - feel sorry for me!!!