Monday, February 4, 2008

Righteous Run!

I got a grand total of ONE run last week. Two big miles, which became my total for the run, the day, the week, the month, and the year-to-date. I'm just happy it wasn't a big, fat zero for January. Today I hit the track again (and hope to get 3-4 total runs in of 2 miles apiece this week). Probably only Adam and Matthew will care about the splits, but I've gotta brag a little. Last week I ran my first mile in 7:48, but I ran my first lap at 1:51 and got slower every lap. Then I had to kick in the last lap at 1:35 (that's 6:20 mile pace, and the last 200 meters was sub-6) just to edge under 8 minutes for the second mile. I felt like crud.

Today was different. My goal was just to be consistent, to start slow and stay steady. Lap 1 felt under control. Split-1:54. Although not much slower than the first lap last week, it felt a lot less labored. Lap 2, 1:55. Lap 3, 1:55, and lap 4, a steady 1:54. That's 7:40 (counting all the decimals) for the first mile, faster than last week, but it felt far better. After a 1:57 5th lap, I felt like stretching it out. Lap 6, 1:52. Lap 7, 1:46 (hey, that's 7:04 pace, and I'm breathing hard, but not dying!). Lap 8 was a steady but not out of control kick at 1:36, for a 2nd mile total of 7:12. I would have bet that I couldn't run a single mile at 7:12! Total time for 2 miles = 14:52. The dip under 15 minutes was unexpected and very, very cool.

Not to get too excited yet--if I had to run another mile, I couldn't have done it (although I probably could do 3 if I ran it at 8:30-9:00 a mile). And my track distance kids did an "easy" run of 50 minutes today that covered 7-ish miles (and there was a time I could have run with that group, or just behind). But I feel a lot more like a real runner than a slacker compared to last week. Give it a month or so. I'm coming back!


super Hubby said...

Great job!! I have not run a step in going on 3.5 weeks. Right after Sean got out of the hospital, I decided to get sick. Keep up the good work.

Paul Murphy said...

I made up a song for you.
(D G D G

Larry is a
He's gotten old
Larry is a
He runs really slow

Old man, old man
he's so old
Old man old man
Maybe he's just cold

Slow man, slow man
He's so slow
Slow man, slow man
His feat are made of dough