Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DayTimer Disaster

I'm having a crisis that perhaps only my sister (a fellow DayTimer nut) can understand. I've lost my DayTimer. I am pretty sure it was in my pocket when I left the house to go to the movies with the boys, and it's nowhere to be found now. I've called the theater--they scoured the place, with no luck. So I'm bummed big-time. Not only have I lost my calendar and to-do list (which is bad enough), but the wallet containing the refill was my FIRST-ever DayTimer, the one I bought in 1989. Even if I get another one just like it (black pigskin, small brass plate in the corner with my initials), it'll take 20 years for it to be as soft, and it'll never be quite the same. The only 2 slight pieces of good news is that I'm currently not terribly booked up, seeing as how it's summer, and also that it's pretty close to the mid-point of the year, so I should be able to buy a July start refill as a replacement.


Goode Design said...

"I've lost my DayTimer."
No, there are others of us who know the feeling. That said, I'm absolutely sure I'll never be restricted to a PAPER ONLY timer method.

Ahh, the beauty of the iPhone. it's contents are backed up daily to my computer. It has ALL my contacts, All my schedule & All access... not to mention, it's remote wipe-able on Friday.

And it beeps at me to remind me of an appointment to boot!

bekster said...

Man, that sucks. :(

Lori Fitzgerald said...

I have actually had images in my mind of someone trying to steal my purse and me negotiating for my daytimer before they take off. Seriously. The addiction in our family is BAD.

I feel for you. The only thing worse than not having the perfect daytimer is having the perfect daytimer and then losing it.