Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Disney Post-Mortem

We are back from the week with the 6-foot rodent. It was great. This is the "Year of a Million Dreams" at Disney, so they are giving away cool prizes all over the place. We won several--everything from mouse-ears for the kids to fast-passes that allowed us to jump the line for cool rides to a private audience with Cinderella. If ever we go back to WDW, we'll probably just do the Magic Kingdom and possibly the Disney Hollywood (formerly MGM) Studio parks. But seeing as we had never been to MGM or Animal Kingdom and that the kids had never been to Epcot, it was quite cool to do the whole enchilada. One of the things I enjoyed most was riding all the thrill rides with my boys--Jacob went from being skittish about rollercoasters to deciding that Space Mountain was the best ride in the world (he also rode the Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster with its 5-G launch and 3 loops four times). I also enjoyed the day we spent just hanging out at the pool and reading. My friend Ken lent me a biography of Walt Disney--it's fascinating. I find great leaders and creative people very inspiring.

On the negative side, spending 6 of 7 days in theme parks doesn't lend itself very well to staying in shape. I did sneak in one run on our "off" day, but there was no time for fitness. More on that later.

It was also nice to get back and realize that we had stayed under-budget for the trip. That was tougher since gas was $4 a gallon and it took 2 tanks each way, plus a couple to fuel the back-and-forth to the parks.


Emily said...

im glad you had fun! i owe you all a call

Goode Design said...

great to hear it was fun!