Friday, June 27, 2008

Seeing the Mouse

If you wait breathlessly each day for me to post something, I've got bad news for you. (Actually, only Becky will probably care.) It's good for our family, though. We're taking our 2008 Economic Stimulus Check and going to Disney World. We'll be gone a week. I'm sure Ann's blog will eventually feature the photos. Please pray for safe travel and a good time had by all.


Pete said...

noooooo! RESIST THE URGE TO SPLURGE! Put it in your good growth stock mutual fund or pay off debt...

wait... what am I talking about... Heck, if the Government is going to redistribute some wealth to you and pay for it, GO FOR IT!

Post pictures!

DK said...

I miss you already

(despite the fact that you have been gone for several days at this point)