Thursday, June 19, 2008

Injury Update

Just for the sake of those of you who have been breathlessly awaiting word of my butt-pain: I saw Dr. Lowery today. Funny how my orthopedist always asks, "how ya doin?" The answer should be obvious--"I only see you when something is hurt or possibly broken." Today was the earliest appointment I could get, a full 10 days after the initial injury. So of course, by now I feel pretty good. I can still make my butt hurt if I work at it on purpose, but I pretty much can toss myself into a bed or chair without thinking about it now (which is a MAJOR improvement over last week). So Dr. Lowery performed an emergency removal of $40 from my wallet and told me what I already know... I'm getting better, time tends to heal these things, and I can run again if I start slow and don't get stupid. (As my brother-in-law, who knows me all too well, said, "Yeah. Good luck with that.") The only bad news is that if I am allowed to run, I guess I don't have an excuse to not cut grass anymore (don't get me wrong... I have sons, so I won't be doing it all. But the edger is all mine).

So I celebrated my release by knocking out 2 miles in a little under 16 minutes within about an hour of getting home from the doc. The backside feels OK. The rest of me feels like I haven't run in two weeks and I'm carrying about 8 extra pounds. The only cure for that, I guess, is 2 more miles tomorrow and Saturday, then threes all next week, and then getting back into real running by July.

Thanks to all who have shown concern or prayed on my behalf.


bekster said...

Glad to read you're feeling better. :)

Anonymous said...

dont you hate it when you go to the doctor because something is bothering you and then it doesnt bother you by the time you get there?