Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fat is Relative

OK--Nobody has ever told me (unless they were obviously joking) that I'm fat. I'm 5'10" tall and have been basically within 5 pounds either way of 135 for almost 20 years. According to the charts, I could carry 155-160 lbs and still not be overweight. However, when I'm in shape, I tend to hover around 136-138 with almost no effort (I hear boos and hisses). I can eat what I want, get in 3-5 easy runs a week, and never think about weight. The biggest I ever got was 147 lbs, the year that we traveled cross-country for a month. in that time, I ate out at least once a day and didn't run for 40 consecutive days. Within a month of getting home, I was right back in my "normal" range.

Last night, Mrs. Sal remarked as I was getting in bed, "you look a little thicker around the middle." I protested, but finally decided to prove to her that it was all in her head by climbing on the scale. The result: 146 pounds. Admittedly, I had been eating junk food all day (and had just polished off all the leftovers of a particularly good ice cream dessert she made). And admittedly, I've had a week of getting 3 solid meals of camp food (including such things as biscuits and gravy for breakfast). Worse, thanks to my back injury, I haven't run in over a week, and only have one short run in the past two weeks. But still... that's only a pound less than my lifetime high, and it happened quick (I was 138 the week before camp).

What I guess this means is that I've finally reached a point where I need to run and/or watch my diet. That's no fun. And more than anything, I want to get on the roads and burn some of this poundage off. Hopefully, Dr. Lowery will give me the go-ahead to start working out again tomorrow. With the lower back still hurting, I'm hesitant to even do a sit-up until cleared. For now, I'm just bummed.


MichaelPolutta said...

As I'm pretty sure I told you, that "have to start watching it" moment was around my 35th birthday. Before then I could eat any quantity of any food at any time of day with no penalty. IMMEDIATELY at #35 that changed.

You can manage this!, baby!

Pete said...

Mine was the minute i accepted a desk job and didn't consistently spend 4 of the 6 weeks at camp every summer.

Mike's CrossFit training will absolutely do the trick. You'll become a rock solid horse of a man... like mike.

But then again, when I hit 45... looking more like mike and less like a beached whale has lots more upside than down. Not to mention that it allows one to enjoy activities such like:
- Chasing campers around a 75 acre camp
- Bend down and tie one's shoes without holding your breath
- Lift a small car
- Impress the lady folk (like my wife & daughter)
- Eat more and weigh less
- Actually flex "muscle" rather than reposition fat deposits

I would say welcome to the club, but let's say... you haven't even filled out the application form yet.