Monday, June 16, 2008

A Pain in the Butt

We're back from PBC. It was a great week, with only one personal glitch. On Monday (now a week ago), we went hiking to a small waterfall and splashed around in the water. Since it was 100 degrees, the cold water was great. Unfortunately, right as we were leaving, I lost my footing on a wet, mossy rock and went down... hard. I landed on the joint that connects your pelvic girdle to the spine. One of my friends who is a lifeguard said that when they saw the fall, they fully expected I'd be getting carried home. But I thought, at first, that the main bruising was to my ego. I popped up, rubbed my sore butt, and made it home. I asked the camp nurses for a handful of advil and figured that, plus a day of no running, should take care of things.

The next day was "games day," which involves running all over camp and performing various feats of derring-do. At the beginning, I did OK. But after about an hour or so, I was incapacitated by jolts of electric-style pain up and down my back. I had to limp back to the nurses and fess up to having a more severe injury than I had originally admitted. Our camp nurse (Becky) and resident pharmacist (Morgan) were real pros--they instantly diagnosed the problem and set me up with proper treatment. They also provided just enough "loving harassment" to ensure that I showed up as scheduled for anti-inflammatories and ice treatment every few hours. By the end of the week I was a little bit better.

I had hoped to get in to see my favorite orthopedist today (Monday, one full week after the initial injury). What I really, really want is a timeline and a plan to get me running again without causing any further setbacks. Unfortunately, the first appointment he has available is Thursday. I'm already feeling a good bit better... it's quite likely that by the time I see him, it will be a formality (and a copay). I am, however, going to take Nurse Becky's advice and take it easy (no running, no lifting, and regular doses of aleve) until I'm cleared by a pro. All I really want is to be able to run again, and soon. I can see my summer mileage goals slipping away.


Pete said...

glad to hear you're well!

now get to posting about some politics...


Lori Fitzgerald said...

Better hurry. Adam's running every day!!!

sirronstar said...

It helps that Becky has the same injury -- all I did was donate the drugs from my "special stash" and contribute a great deal to the harassment to make sure you followed our advice.
Not that I'm glad you got hurt, but I really enjoyed talking with you while you were our captive audience.