Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy Week

Just in case you think I have fallen down on my blogging (or my running) this week, it's a little bit insane right now. Today: meeting in just a minute, basketball games until 10 PM. Tomorrow: Jacob has a game. Thursday: Middle School Play. Friday: More home games, another 10 PM night. Saturday: One or both boys play, and I'm not even sure which one yet. So I'll fit in what I can this week and be happy to get it.

However--Bible reading still 20-for-20 this year.

The good news: this craziness will pass. The bad news: starting next week is the annual time when track season overlaps with basketball season. Nothing I haven't done before, but every year gets a bit tougher.


bekster said...

Middle school play? No one told me that. What time is it on Thursday?

Lori said...

That's because every year you get a little bit older.

This year is what? 40?!?!?!

bekster said...

One more week... :)