Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Tyrannny of the Log

20 minutes. Maybe 21. That's all that separates a good from a bad week. Sometime before the close of business today, I need to run 2.5 miles (or more). That will achieve my goal of 4 runs this week, plus will put me at 12 total miles. A pitifully small number that I used to achieve in only one run. But 12 would be a step forward over last week's 10. The 9.5 I've currently logged this week are OK... I've gotten in one faster run (7:29 pace) and one "longer" run (30 minutes, try not to be too impressed). But if I don't get one more, the week goes down as a failure. Too bad it's so darned cold. But I'll get it. A sucessful year is a succession of successful weeks, and a successful week is a succession of successful days. And successful days are made, sometimes, 20 minutes at a time.


bekster said...

What is the factor that makes the difference between you sitting on your butt writing a blog post and actually getting out there to run for 20 minutes? If you can figure it out and bottle it, I'll take some too.

Pete said...

I'm with ya Becky.

Keep up the great work. Give us a post about what you learned from your last bible reading? You're one of those I truly believe will do what he sets his mind to... so, I know that Dec 31 will have a report of a full bible reading and 280 days of running having logged!

Coach Sal said...

About 3 PM yesterday (when I figured 42 degrees and 35 wind chill was about as warm as it was going to get), I did it. My "20 minute" run took 21:52, and I should have worn gloves. But I got my 12. I'm on track to have the best January I've ever logged.

I've written extensively about my motivation... especially the value of friends (like you) who hold me accountable. Adam ran yesterday early morning when it was 22 (11 wind chill). I had no choice but to follow suit. Ann got her 10+ miles this past week, too.

As for the Bible stuff, I'm in Genesis and Matthew right now. As my old preacher buddy used to say, "familiar scripture ought to be read more carefully." It's easy to skim the story of Jacob as one of the ones I "know." One thing that keeps leaping out at me, probably as a result of all the recent Gaza news, is how many times God repeats his promise regarding the land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (by now renamed Israel).

Thanks for the encouragement, Pete. But I was golden at this point last year, too. The big test will be in a week when my track season begins and my work schedule gets really tough.

bekster said...

I'm glad you did it, Larry. I would have had to mock you otherwise. (You are getting old, after all.) :)

My problem now is that I don't have clearly defined goals for myself, (and I'm not sure how to figure out what my goals should be... I guess I should finish reading your time management books) :) so it's hard to find the motivation to do anything meaningful.