Friday, January 2, 2009

Losers and Loyalty

I got a USC Gamecocks sticker for my van this Christmas. I think I'll put it on next to my McCain-Palin '08 sticker. If I get one for my non-playoff-bound Cowboys, I can score the loser trifecta.

At least I'm loyal. Since I was a small child, it's been the Gamecocks, the Braves, the Cowboys, and the Celtics. I disowned the Cowboys for a while after they fired Tom Landry (and was therefore not part of the 1990's good times). But there was never a chance of me picking another team. I pulled for the Braves back when all they had was Dale Murphy. Then I got to enjoy the good times of the 1990's, and now they stink again. My Celtics have gone from peak to valley to peak again. Of course, the Gamecocks have NEVER been to the mountaintop, but that's not the point. They are my team. Sadly, it's an intergenerational curse--yesterday, my father, myself, and my son all watched the Outback Bowl debacle, knowing that this is our lot in life... probably forever. Some people's parents leave them sticks, bonds, or real estate. My father's legacy is football disappointment.

Of course, it's a new year. That means there will be a 2009 USC season, so I can start getting my hopes up (too high) all over again. Until then, at least the Celtics are winning.

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