Thursday, February 11, 2010

I May Vote Democrat!

Okay... got your attention yet? There is a rumor floating around that retired SC Circuit Court Judge Victor Rawl may challenge Jim DeMint for his US Senate seat. I actually like DeMint. I also probably would disagree on almost every issue with Judge Rawl. However, he's been a friend of mine for 30 years. His son was my best friend from age 11 through high school, and was best man in my wedding. Moreover, one of the best students I ever taught has developed into a future democrat policy-maker, and may wind up working on the campaign if it materializes. They say blood is thicker than water. My ties to those two may not be blood, but they are thick. So if it happens, I'll probably vote heart over head.

Of course, I doubt very seriously that a lowcountry democrat, even a really good one, could win a statewide race in SC against DeMint, whose approval rating statewide is 63%. But if, at the end of the day, it comes down to a one-vote margin, it wouldn't be too bad to have an old friend in the Senate.


MichaelPolutta said...

I don't get voting for someone I "would disagree on almost every issue", friend or no. Bad policy is bad policy, even if put in place by somebody I love.

Coach Sal said...

If I thought the seat was a toss-up (or the race even close), I might agree. But casting a "heart" over "head" vote when there's no down-side isn't about policy. Indeed, you might could argue that a significant (but not game-changing) number of people did that in the last presidential election.

Pete said...

I'd vote against my best friend if I disagreed with him. But, I'm a hardheaded guy like that.

I would actually heartily say that is what turned the last election to some extent. 95% of the black vote went to Obama. I believe that a healthy portion of those black voters are pro-life, anti-gay, christian-like voters. I would be naive if I tried to say that there wasn't a large percentage of the black vote who voted for Obama because he was black.

I can't say that I blame the black voters for that heart vote. In fact, I very much feel the same way. I am so proud to say we've reached a place where voting a black candidate to the highest office in the land is now possible. However, I would have rather had JC Watts.