Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Edwards Redux

I haven't been able to log on to blogger at home, so this is one of those after-hours posts from work that I hope our IT guy doesn't mind. Just a postscript to the Edwards story from a few days ago. Edwards "fired," then "un-fired" the anti-Catholic blogger. Today, she resigned "voluntarily" and apparently within the course of a few hours was back to the same kind of rhetoric that stirred the pot to begin with. Poor John Edwards. Now EVERYBODY is mad at him. If he fires her, it's potentially his Bill Clinton-like "Sister Souljah" moment with the nuts on the far left. If he doesn't, it shows solidarity with the base. But to do, un-do, and then breathe a sign of relief at the re-do--now that's a real sign of spinelessness. Even if his hair won't blow in the wind, apparently he will.

Again, apologies to all who are offended for the snarkiness. I don't think it's partisan to go after Edwards; it's just easy. Give me a few minutes to compose and I'll say something obnoxious about Rudy Giuliani, too.

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