Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Lost the Bet

Yesterday I told my oldest son it's time for a haircut--he looks like cousin It. He, of course, had a pre-teen conniption. The big claim was that he just CAN'T get a haircut, because he's doing the Samson thing for basketball. Well, smart-aleck dad answered, "if you hair's so lucky, how come you've barely made a shot the last three games? Maybe a haircut would change your luck for the better!" So the boy makes a deal--he says if he scores in double-digits, no haircut. I think, safe bet. His best game so far this season was 6, and he's been as cold as an iceberg since late January. Well, he grabs the opening tip, and makes a layup. Two plays later, he makes his first three-pointer in a month. A minute later, another steal and basket, plus an assist. He has 7 points in the first three minutes of the game. Little son of a gun winds up with 13 to lead all scorers! Of course, I have to be happy for him. But I'd have been happier with a season-high 9 and a trip to the barbershop.


bekster said...

If he's trying to be Samson, he'd better make sure once he gets himself a girl that she's as easily tricked as you are.

I mean, what kind of an idiot makes a bet with a 12-year-old? :)

Jeffrey Schimizze said...

And it starts....figuring out how to work Mom & Dad without them knowing and getting in trouble for it!