Saturday, May 24, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I just came from a "Princess Date" with my daughter. We do this occasionally; usually a Saturday morning breakfast date. Today we went to a little breakfast cafe near our neighborhood. I had my favorite bad-for-you breakfast: biscuits and gravy. And we're talking LOTS of sausage gravy, the thick kind with hunks of meat floating in it. And a side of bacon. When you figure that yesterday I grabbed a McBurger on the way to the movies, I'll bet my cholesterol is running to 4 digits.

Speaking of the movies, I took #1 son to see the new Indiana Jones movie yesterday. Much like the breakfast--very little redeeming nutrional value, but lots of fun. It was better than Temple of Doom (that's not tough), but probably not quite up to the level of Lost Ark or Last Crusade. At least it wasn't nearly as bad a sequel as the 2nd set of Star Wars movies. But, like them, the sense of nostalgia covered a multitude of sins.

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Goode Design said...

Yup. Indy 4 was worth the watch. It was goode to see one of the nations iconic heros back in the saddle again. nice to see he can survive a nuclear blast!