Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I'm Happier Than Obama

Actually, I don't know for sure that I'm happier than Barack Obama. He makes more money and is increasingly likely to be the democratic nominee for president, and according to the polls may be our next commander-in-chief. Or negotiator-in-chief. Or withdrawer-in-chief. or whatever. (JUST KIDDING!) I, on the other hand, don't have to go to Kentucky this week or deal with the mainstream media. I'll also be on summer vaction in 10 more workdays. Still, a news item a friend sent me this past week says that research shows that, in general, conservatives are happier than liberals. Now, some wags might point out that this is likely a correlation based on other factors--more rich, married, privileged WASPy guys who go to church every Sunday vs. poorer, single, struggling, discriminated-against skeptics. But apparently this study adjusts for such factors. It seems the deciding factor is one of attitude toward the universe. Here's a news flash for those who haven't figured it out yet: LIFE ISN'T FAIR. According to the study, this really bothers liberals (who are really nice people, and want to make it better). Some, like Bill Clinton, even "feel your pain." (that is, when he isn't feeling up your daughter.) We evil conservatives, though, say, "Yep. I knew that. So what?" Makes sense to me.


bekster said...

I am amazed that they had to conduct a STUDY to figure this out. This is a very interesting way to look at the situation, but it should be obvious. Like you said, LIFE ISN'T FAIR, and the sooner a person accepts that fact, the sooner he or she will feel more peace.

As a "happy conservative," the idea about it being normal--or even GOOD, in some cases--that people are NOT all the same (I'm referring to the "inequalities" mentioned in the article) is something that I have been trying to get people to see for a while now. However, this topic angers me, eating away at my "happiness," so I will not dig deeper into the issue at the moment.

But... "when he isn't feeling up your daughter"? Jeez, Larry, what did YOU have for lunch today? :)

Pete said...

Yeah, i'm going to conduct a study to see what percentage of humans die of deadly causes. I hypothesize that nearly 100% of all humans die of deadly causes. Thus, I believe we need to elect a president (likely democrat) which can pass a bill against deadly causes. This democratic presidential candidate, such as in Iraq and South Africa won't need maps because, such as Americans will become more aware of education in South Africa. Oops... sorry, Lapsed into south carolinian dialect.


Y'know... there are some idiotic studies on this planet... that was one of them. I had a teacher once who said, "Life's not fair folks! If you think so, I'll find 52 reasons to prove you wrong! Get over it!"