Tuesday, May 27, 2008

McCain, Money, Etc.

A couple of months ago I posted about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's tax returns. The conclusion--for two people competing for the votes of the "common man," they're pretty rich. In the same post, I speculated as to the answer to the famous question: "Which candidate would you rtaher have a beer with?" At the time, John McCain had not released any tax documents. He still hasn't, to the best of my knowledge, but he has taken some flak for not even intending to release his wife's tax info. From what I gather, they have always filed separate returns, and she's the real rich one. I just read that the McCain campaign has released a summary of Cindy McCain's 2006 tax return (I don't know why it's not '07; maybe she filed an extension...?) The upshot is that she made a little over $6 million. I knew she was rich, now we have some clue HOW rich. She made about 4 times Obama's best year, and about half of Hillary's average for the past 10 years. No way of knowing if '06 was a good or bad year for her, but suffice it to say she's not hurting. As to the beer question--I had forgotten that she's the president of a beer distributorship. Maybe if McCain wins, she can make a commander-in-chief brew, or executive office ale, or similar. Wait--we've already had that back in 1977!

The only reason I'm mentioning the money is for the sake of closing the loop. I knew she (and therefore he) was in the millionaire club, so there's no real surprise there. Even if he only made what they pay senators plus his income as a disabled veteran, he'd still rank up there with Obama's "bad" years, all of which are quadruple the national average. More interesting to me is that he also released 1100+ pages of medical records. To quote Jim Geraghty of National Review, they show he's been swimming with cocoons. That was too good a line not to repeat.


Goode Design said...

The amount of money a person has doesn't automatically disassociate them with the concerns of the Average Joe (or in McCain's world: Average G.I. Joe). Rather we should be aware of how they manage their income and how they realize that hard work, frugality, wise management/investing & [dare I say] savings is important.

I believe that Hillary, Obama & McCain are amazing, phenomenal & even good politicians. The problem is, I don't believe politicians are good for our country.

A politician's job is to secure his job for the next term. I've heard that the best leaders work themselves out of a job. Politicians however, they work to make sure the public believes politicians to be indispensable.

Trust me, we could live without any of the 3 of them. To the money issue, I know several folks who have a great deal of money and are well within the Millionaire camp that have a great deal of knowledge & understanding of the everyday joe. They would be relatively unpopular as they tend to tell people exactly what they need to hear.

well, I could ramble all day, but by the end we'd be talking about purple pinto beans and the effects on the ozone layer... so i'll just stop while i'm ahead.

bekster said...

Why are you even talking about McCain? Don't you know that Obama is already the winner? (Just kidding.)

I really can't picture Obama drinking a beer, although maybe I'd like him better if I could...

It's funny, back before the primaries, when there were still so many "options" available, the future seemed a little more hopeful. Now that it is whittled down to the last three, I find myself wishing we could have some of the old candidates back... but then I remind myself that they weren't that great either.

I agree with Pete about the good-for-nothing-ness of politicians. However, we still have to have someone in the position of "president" for our government to work (in its current state). Someone wake me up if we ever get a benevolent monarch.