Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Roger Cut

Well, it happened again. I didn't get a haircut the whole time I was on crutches. I couldn't go Monday or Tuesday, because Bubba doesn't work those days, and I was busy Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be out of town Saturday. That left tonight. I get there, and... Bubba is gone for the evening. Leaving a fate worse than death: the Roger cut. In all honesty, Roger's a good barber. And he gives a good haircut (athough he gives it very slowly). But he's not MY barber and let's just say his best work is not MY haircut. It could be worse. My flattop wasn't exactly the round Q-tip look that I usually get if I wind up in Roger's chair. But it's just not quite right--a little less sharp, and a little less straight than usual. In the grand scheme of things, this isn't the biggest deal. But for the next three weeks, I won't look quite right. Oh, well.


bekster said...

How much room is there really to round things out when you're only talking like 3 millimeters of hair?

I'm sure Roger is just intimidated by your hotness and tries to make you look awkward to make himself feel better.

Goode Design said...

Sal. I can save you 45 minutes per week if you'll take my advice. it'll only cost between $19 – $45 depending on how you go about it.


We're talking about the loose version of "High & Tight." Bubba will get another customer and you'll get your haircuts for progressively less as you'll be dividing the cost of the trimmers by the total haircuts over the life of the trimmers.

that said, you'd look perfectly fine going straight out bald. You'd gain a whole new demeanor if you chose to do so with 2 dime sized hoop earrings. Add the black leather coat and a pair of "don't mess with me" black steel toed boots...

We're talking super star material here. And all it would take is a pair of trimmers.

On another note. Beks & I just went to purchase a car (05 nissan xterra).

This is the second vehicle we've paid cash for. It was even sweeter when the guy we bought it from told me he was a corporate loan officer for a local bank. LOL. I think the tag will be personalized as D3BTFR33 or PA!D-4.

super Hubby said...

Bekster, Roger is just happy to be alive these days. he has got to be pushing 90. A round Q-Tip cut is bad enough but with him there is also the possibility of needing a blood transfusion. He is not the steadiest hand and still uses a straight edge.
goode design, There is no way Larry could get the same haircut if he or anne did it. If that is the case, he should continue going to Roger. I stopped going to bubba about a month ago, to which I feel VERY guilty. He can't lose both of us.
Larry, I would have waited a little longer.
goog news is that if you do get the sporty steel toed boots you won't have to cut a hole in the heel for Arthur to fit.