Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Must Be Slipping...

When my wife beats me to a political post. Check out Ann's blog for a cool quiz that tells you who your candidate is based on their public positions. Turns out I'm a McCaniac. Which looks like a good thing, since Fred dropped out today. This keeps my streak alive at 20 years of voting in the primaries for someone who does NOT become the nominee (while the SC Republican Primary winner has won the nomination every year since 1980). We'll see if that streak holds. I did support McCain over GWB in 2000, so it's not exactly foreign territory for me to be in. Let me ask you this--picture a grizzled, battle-scarred group of Navy SEALs disembarking from a transport plane after a tour of combat duty in February of 2009. At the ramp is the new commander-in-chief. He or she returns the salute of these brave men. What do you think? If it's Hillary, I weep. If it's McCain, I shed a tear of pride. Of course, if it's Obama, it'll never happen because he's going to wave his magic wand and make all warfare and bad people disappear on January 20th, right after handling racism and just before dispatching poverty. Then John Edwards will likely sue for patent infringement, as ending poverty is HIS schtick. And he'll win, because he's that good a lawyer. OK, just kidding. But in dangerous times, there's no doubt that John McCain is a serious guy, and a grown-up. We'll see how far that can take him.

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