Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm Famous! (In Arizona)

As I mentioned earlier, John McCain was at my polling place this past Saturday, and I got a chance to shake his hand. While there, I was interviewed along with several others in the crowd by a reporter for the Arizona Republic newspaper of Phoenix, AZ. Despite admitting my vote for Fred, I did successfully call SC for McCain. So when my prediction came true, I got a little ink. Here's the link to the story. I'm all the way at the bottom.


bekster said...

That's really cool. :) How in the world did you actually FIND that article?

Tommy said...

You are officially THE MAN! I am so proud that you represented us Sandlappers in an Arizona paper rather than the usual backwoods SC Bubba that the media hunts down and then quotes for the rest of the nation to recoil at. You rock (even if you don't play Guitar Hero).

Greg said...

As someone who has to grudgingly call himself a South Carolinian, thank you for not bringing up the issue of the confederate flag. I don't know how many times I had to read in national articles about that being an issue in SC. Do people really care about that here?

btw - this one's Greg, we really should get separate blogger accounts.

C. S. Fox said...

WOW! That was just great!
I glad they talked to you instead of some red neck that would have made S.C. look like a bunch of white trash hicks as the DRIVE BY MEDIA usally does.
Way to go!
By the way I thing I will go to Romney!

Danny Baddeley said...

Can I have your autograph, maybe on a ballet, right next to a hanging chad?

Lori Fitzgerald said...

Okay, that's really cool - except for the part where they put your age! Dude, you're old!!!